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Are you a doraemon fans and have been waiting so long for the ending??
This will ends your curiousness. For you who doesnt understand japanese, just read the translation under.

Enjoyyyy... :)

1. And this is our guest today, the number one in robotics, Doctor Nobi.
2. Nice to meet you.
3. Yaa, it's Nobi-kun! The top-of-the highest technology nowadays that Japan is proud of!
4. It's a great deal, isn't it.
5. No, no, the great one is President Dekisugi for sure.
6. Nobita, he's going back from abroad right? How if we call him?
7. That's good. We haven't been gathering for a long time. Let's gather together.
8. No, it's too much.
9. Today, I just really wanted to talk to only two of you.
10. Still remember about Doraemon?

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1. Isn't it clear that I will not forget him?
2. That kid...
3. Suddenly he dare to went back to the future, saying there are things and such to do!
4. We all are friends who have been risking our lives together, aren't we!!
5. He refused a word and made us let him go!!
6. Let's put aside whether he went back to the future silently or not.
7. He just suddenly disappeared. That is the fact.
8. Also, Nobita-kun's change.
9. There is a term called "Time Paradox".

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1. Doraemo~n.
2. Give me that, hey, the one that I used that time.
3. This time which is called "this time" is the limit oh my PATIENCE.
4. ...oi.
5. What happened to you, hey, Doraemon.
6. Say something to me!
7. Even Doraemon is making fun of me!?
8. I'm calling you, Doraemon!!

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1. ...... Doraemon?
2. n~~n...
3. How is it? Dorami-chan.
4. Doraemon never moves, always in this condition.
5. Perhaps, he is out of battery, I think.
6. Out of battery?
7. Oh, I see.
8. Alright, replace the battery quickly.

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1. It's not as simple as that.
2. Old cat-type robots have support memory circuits in his ears that are used while replacing battery.
3. But since my brother has lost his ears, there is no backup.
4. In this state, if we replace the battery, the memory of brother will disappear.
5. The memories of him with you will vanish completely!!
6. The memory of Doraemon will be lost!?
7. That's stupid! Just because the battery is out, then what!? If we can replace it, he will get well, right!?
8. Calm down, Nobita-san.
9. Every type of robot needs energy. Especially a delicate robot only keep important memories, the others are forgotten, more like humans...

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1. That's enough. I will go and bring him to a factory in the future.
2. Nobita-san!
3. You can't do that. Now, intervention with your era is being prohibited.
4. I, hearing that there will be a misfortune there, even tried to fly there,
5. but the Time Patrol won't let me go past them.
6. They also didn't listen to me.
7. This is the first time this kind of thing happens.
8. So.. what should I do!!

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Page 7

1. If I put back his ears, the memory will remain, right? I will take a tool from his pocket and ...
2. You cannot use brother's pocket while he is in functional interruption, you know. Moreover we cannot handle such precise modification.
3. If so, call his creator!
4. The designer's whereabouts is a super-important absolutely-secret matter.
5. Although it is regrettable, several layers of protection has been put in my memory.
6. Nobita-san... By some chance, they might collect even the Time Television.
7. There are two choices.
8. The first one is, change the battery at the future factory.
9. Maybe you can still deceive the Time Patrol if it is now.
10. Even if brother's memories disappear, I think you can live with him together once more.
11. And the second choice... we wait for some technologies from the future and leave him now as is...

Page 8

1. Nobita, Doraemon, dinner's ready!
2. Why are they?
3. There is not even a single answer. Maybe they are having some fight or such thing again.
4. ... Doraemon.
5. Do you remember the time we first met?

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